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Bitcoin Payment Method

What is Bitcoin? You can learn about Bitcoin by going to, the provider that I use as a merchant to accept Bitcoin payments.  Essentially it's a free, safe, secure, legal and anonymous method to transfer funds.  For larger transactions, an escrow service is available for total peace of mind. Bitcoin saves banking fees, usually about three percent, so Ricco Art Jewelry passes the savings on to you by discounting this amount from the listed purchase price.   If you wish to use this payment method, send me an email saying so and I'll set up the transaction for you.

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Fine Quality Diamonds on Hand for Your Custom-made Engagement Ring

Diamonds on hand and available for your custom-made engagement ring: I have in stock an extremely rare, hand-cut antique diamond of exceptional quality. The stone is a round Old European Cut and  weighs .68 carat. This stone was cut by a master; it has very good symmetry and excellent polish, not commonly found when stones were cut by hand before electrical machinery of today.   Diamond, the hardest substance on the planet, is very time-consuming and laborious to cut by hand.  This is why many of the older cuts are misshapen and not as precisely cut as today's stones are.  This stone was cut by a master who took great care with symmetry and as such represents a fine example of antique hand...

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Your engagement ring—Choosing a stone

Choosing a stone for your engagement ring While diamond is the most commonly chosen stone for an engagement ring, it is not the only option.  Prince Charles gave Lady Di a stunning sapphire engagement ring, remember? Sapphire is a good choice for a wedding ring because, other than diamond,  it is the hardest stone, as well as a beautiful colored stone.  The contrast between the dark blue stone and the white diamonds on Lady Di's ring,  pictured above,  is striking. There are many other beautiful, and suitable, colored stones to consider; however, knowing how to choose a colored stone is considerably more difficult than choosing a diamond.  (If you have been shopping for diamonds, you know how many variations there...

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