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Apollo and Dionysus in Ricco's Designs

An Ancient Dialectic:  
Reason versus Emotion

In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus are sons of the god Zeus.

Apollo, among other things, represents harmony and order, while Dionysus represents the emotional and impulsive. There are, in each of us, tendencies in both directions. We want to be rational, but there is also, at times, a desire to let go and be wild, at least a little bit.  

In Ricco's jewelry designs, these tendencies can be seen:  One style adheres to balance, symmetry, and order while another style is more organic and intuitive.  Ricco tries to keep these two in balance in his design objectives so that neither side dominates the narrative.  Too much rationality is also not a good thing, just as too much disorder leads to a bad result.  Balance is the key.