Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

Posted by Richard Accurso on

Is jewelry a good investment?  

It depends on your perspective.  If you are asking whether jewelry earns money or increases in cash value over time, the answer is generally no. If you try to resell your jewelry you're not going to get anything close to what you paid for it. That's also true of almost  everything else you buy.

But there are some good reasons why jewelry represents a wise purchase. One is that good jewelry will last a long time. When many other purchases you've made have become worn, useless or outdated, the ring, the earrings, the necklace or bracelet, will still be there to use and enjoy.

Another reason that jewelry's a good investment is much more personal and even more important: Because jewelry lasts through time, it acquires emotional meaning. The wedding ring, a necklace given on Mother's Day, an anniversary or graduation gift--all of these inspire loving moments and memories.  That kind of return has no price.