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Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Advantages of
Custom-made Engagement Rings

You may have noticed a seemingly endless number of look-alike offerings in the category of engagement rings.  What all of these have in common is that they are mass-produced. Whether made by machine or by people, the rings are produced in great numbers in order to maximize efficiency.  If you want a ring design that reflects your unique personality, the way to go is to commission a ring.

The great advantage to having your wedding and engagement rings made to order is this: You get to participate in every aspect of your ring, including the choice of metal, the size of the stone, and its size, style, and shape.

The idea of buying the ring and surprising the betrothed with it on bended knee is quaint, but outdated. These days it is much more common for both members of the couple to participate in choosing the look of a ring--knowing that it will be worn for a lifetime. 

I have many years of experience working with clients on custom orders, and will be glad to collaborate on creating rings that perfectly reflect your style.  However, rings are only one type of jewelry I can make to order. If you need a special-occasion pendant, earrings or any other piece, just send an email to ellen@riccoartjewelry(dot)com  and I'll get back to you without delay.