Your engagement ring—Choosing a stone

Posted by Ellen Hoffman on

Choosing a stone for your engagement ring

While diamond is the most commonly chosen stone for an engagement ring, it is not the only option.  Prince Charles gave Lady Di a stunning sapphire engagement ring, remember?

Lady Di's engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds

Sapphire is a good choice for a wedding ring because, other than diamond,  it is the hardest stone, as well as a beautiful colored stone.  The contrast between the dark blue stone and the white diamonds on Lady Di's ring,  pictured above,  is striking.

There are many other beautiful, and suitable, colored stones to consider; however, knowing how to choose a colored stone is considerably more difficult than choosing a diamond.  (If you have been shopping for diamonds, you know how many variations there are.) 

Colored stones are more difficult to evaluate than diamonds because they aren’t “standardized.”  Also, there are more possibilities for treatments and enhancements with colored stones than for diamonds.  Experience is essential in knowing how to navigate those waters, and I have that experience.  Let us know if you are interested in pursuing a colored stone for your engagement ring and I assure you that you'll be amazed at the range and beauty of the many options.