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Antique Diamonds

What are antique diamonds? Antique diamonds are stones cut by hand, before the invention of power-driven machinery in the late 1800s.  Because diamonds are the hardest natural material on the planet, they require great effort to grind and polish by hand.  Therefore, these stones generally have fewer facets (faces) and generally conform to the shape of a stone as it was found.  The modern round brilliant, by contrast, has a standard 58 facets and an established set of proportions.  Although up to 50 percent of the stone's weight is consumed in the cutting process, modern stones have much more sparkle and brilliance than antique cuts.  The question is:  What is the definition of beauty in a diamond?  Must it be solely how brilliant it...

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Engagement Rings Styled by Ricco

Engagement Ring as an Art Form I am a painter as well as a jeweler, and I bring the eye of the painter to the jewelry designs that I make. Like every artist, I have a personal sense of style.  Developed over the years, and honed by trial and error, my designs reflect an amalgam of different experiences and approaches to jewelry design.  Some designs have worked out well, others not so well, but all have contributed to the kind of work I do now.   In general, I like clean,  uncluttered design. I'm not so concerned with geometry and perfection, leaning more toward the organic and fluid sense of line. I'm more partial to Wabi-sabi than machine-made perfection.  My work reveals the human hand...

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Importance of Design Experience

Design is more than just how something looks. It comprises many other details, some of which take an expert to recognize.  For example, think about a diamond in a setting that exposes the edges of the stone.  It looks great, but what the unsuspecting person doesn't understand is that diamonds, while being the hardest natural substance, are simultaneously one of the most brittle.  So leaving the edges of a diamond exposed, especially at the girdle which is the thinnest edge of a diamond, is increasing the odds that the stone will chip.   This is just one example of why experience is so important.  Ricco brings over 40 years of experience to the design process.   Contact Ellen to set up...

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Apollo and Dionysus in Ricco's Designs

An Ancient Dialectic:  Reason versus Emotion In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus are sons of the god Zeus. Apollo, among other things, represents harmony and order, while Dionysus represents the emotional and impulsive. There are, in each of us, tendencies in both directions. We want to be rational, but there is also, at times, a desire to let go and be wild, at least a little bit.   In Ricco's jewelry designs, these tendencies can be seen:  One style adheres to balance, symmetry, and order while another style is more organic and intuitive.  Ricco tries to keep these two in balance in his design objectives so that neither side dominates the narrative.  Too much rationality is also not a good thing, just as too much disorder...

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