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Fine Quality Diamonds on Hand for Your Custom-made Engagement Ring

Diamonds on hand and available for your custom-made engagement ring: I have in stock an extremely rare, hand-cut antique diamond of exceptional quality. The stone is a round Old European Cut and  weighs .68 carat. This stone was cut by a master; it has very good symmetry and excellent polish, not commonly found when stones were cut by hand before electrical machinery of today.   Diamond, the hardest substance on the planet, is very time-consuming and laborious to cut by hand.  This is why many of the older cuts are misshapen and not as precisely cut as today's stones are.  This stone was cut by a master who took great care with symmetry and as such represents a fine example of antique hand...

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Antique Diamonds

What are antique diamonds? Antique diamonds are stones cut by hand, before the invention of power-driven machinery in the late 1800s.  Because diamonds are the hardest natural material on the planet, they require great effort to grind and polish by hand.  Therefore, these stones generally have fewer facets (faces) and generally conform to the shape of a stone as it was found.  The modern round brilliant, by contrast, has a standard 58 facets and an established set of proportions.  Although up to 50 percent of the stone's weight is consumed in the cutting process, modern stones have much more sparkle and brilliance than antique cuts.  The question is:  What is the definition of beauty in a diamond?  Must it be solely how brilliant it...

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Importance of Design Experience

Design is more than just how something looks. It comprises many other details, some of which take an expert to recognize.  For example, think about a diamond in a setting that exposes the edges of the stone.  It looks great, but what the unsuspecting person doesn't understand is that diamonds, while being the hardest natural substance, are simultaneously one of the most brittle.  So leaving the edges of a diamond exposed, especially at the girdle which is the thinnest edge of a diamond, is increasing the odds that the stone will chip.   This is just one example of why experience is so important.  Ricco brings over 40 years of experience to the design process.   Contact Ellen to set up...

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Diamonds--Facts and Figures to Consider

Diamonds are an important and expensive purchase.  As soon as you start to investigate them, you hear about the  "4 C's" : color, clarity, cut and carat (weight.) But the story is much more complex.  One issue is the diamond grading report itself and how accurate it is.  The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides laboratory certifications of diamonds by grading them on the 4 C's.  But GIA is not the only grading lab. Certifications are provided by many other labs, some more lenient in their standards than others, resulting in valuations that are much higher.   Diamonds is a vast and complex subject with serious money implications.  If you don't have the time to study it, the best you can do is...

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Engagement Rings with Antique Diamonds

If you're thinking of diamonds for your wedding or engagement ring, a good choice to consider is antique diamonds. These diamonds are handmade, meaning they were cut and polished before jewelers used the electric and computerized machines of today. They have history and charm, and often can be purchased for less than modern stones of the same size. They were mined long ago so they have no connection with conflict diamonds.  Many other advantages of antique diamonds are discussed here. Over 40 years on the bench, I have worked with many couples to create custom engagement and wedding rings that reflect their taste.  Let me know what you have in mind in terms of style, materials, and budget. and I'll do my best to give you sound suggestions....

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