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Engagement Ring Diamonds—Prong Set or Bezel Set?

Prongs vs Bezels for Engagement Ring Stones--Which is better?        Two common settings to hold a diamond in a ring are prongs or bezels.  (A bezel is a ring of metal that goes all the way around the stone.)  Which way is better?  While prong setting is by far the more common method, there are drawbacks. Prongs wear out in time and require retipping, a costly repair.  Or they may catch on clothing and become bent or damage the garment or even provoke injury to the wearer. Here's an example of what happens:  This diamond has chips on both sides!     Why then are prongs so commonly used?  Prong settings are the easiest and fastest way to mount a...

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Your Engagement Ring – Choosing Metals

Yellow gold, the traditional metal for wedding rings, comes in two standard grades of purity:  14K and 18K.  Which is better?  Either one is suitable for an engagement ring, but there are subtle, but noticeable, differences in color between the two. Since 18K has more gold, it is more expensive.  If it's a question of budget, then 14K is adequate, but if not, then go for the 18K.

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LGBT Wedding and Engagement Rings

Your love is unique and special--  Your rings should reflect that. Just as your sexuality is unique to you as a person, so should your symbol of commitment with your significant other reflect this individuality.  Ricco Art Jewelry makes artfully designed rings that are unique and special, just as you are.  Contact me to set up a consultation about designing your rings. ricco AT riccoartjewelry DOT com    

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Recycled Metals

Ricco Art Jewelry  Ricco Art Jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals, following the best practices of social responsibility and care for the planet.  All of our metals are sourced from Hoover and Strong, a precious metals refinery and supplier based in Richmond, Virginia.  They are a family-owned business who celebrated their 100th year in business in 2012.  Ricco has been doing business with them since 1998, and they continue to be the sole supplier of Ricco Art Jewelry's metals.

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