22K Gold Ring with Ruby Cabochon

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22K Gold Ring with Ruby Cabochon

 Size 7 3/4

5 x 7 Ruby Cabochon

22K gold with anticlastic raised and flattened edges

The overall effect of this ring is Wabi Sabi--a rather unpretentious and rough-edged look that attempts to provoke the feel of antiquity, which in fact was the inspiration for this design.  The ruby has some inclusions and is a medium color, not high grade, which is perfect for the feel I'm after.  

Technically, the form was generated using anticlastic raising methods which results in a piece that is extremely stiff and resistant to deformation.  This is how I get away with using 22K metal, intrinsically soft, to end up with a very strong ring.  

I stumbled across this innovation in the process of experimenting with anticlastic methods.  I know of no other goldsmith that has used this method, so I claim originality for the idea as of now, 2015.

Ruby and 22K, what could be more classic?

Hallmarked "Ricco" and quality marked "22K"  Original design copyright 2015

Comes with  Certificate of Authenticity.

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