Custom-made Wedding Rings

Why Custom-made Wedding Rings?

 Your wedding rings are just as important as your engagement ring, and ideally they should be made as a set with coordinated design features.  In the set below, the engagement ring is made in platinum with a three-carat diamond flanked by tapered sapphire baguettes.  The wedding rings are in 18K palladium white gold paired with 18K rose gold, symbolizing the pairing of the couple.  The palladium white gold matches the tone of the platinum and the rose gold provides a contrast with this white metal and also enhances the blue of the sapphires.  Altogether a very successful set of rings for a very happy couple.

Custom-made engagement and wedding rings set

When you have your rings custom-made, you become part of the process of making them and therefore the rings become more personal to you.  It's not about what others think of the design; it's what you know about your rings that makes them special and personal.

I can custom-make your rings in whatever metal you prefer, to any width and weight, with any special features you might want.  I have been making jewelry for over forty years and a lot of wedding and engagement rings have come off my workbench during that time.

How do you work with clients
when designing a ring? 

I’ll start by asking you a few basic but important questions, so I have an idea of your own vision—for example, the type of stone and metal you’d prefer, and your budget. If you haven’t thought those through yet, I can help you by making suggestions and outlining some options. Generally speaking, the more information you have, the better your choices will be.  And that's where the value of my years of experience come  into play.  

Once you choose a stone a particular stone, I'll work up sketches of some possible designs and we'll be off.

How much does it cost?

A common rule of thumb is to budget two or three paychecks for the engagement ring, but it’s not necessary to follow that rule.  You don't want to go overboard and burden yourselves with debt, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and one that will last for many years, so you probably don’t want to scrimp on the ring either.  I can work to suit your budget, so whatever you decide to spend, I'll make it special.

The major cost factor in an engagement ring is usually the diamond, if that's the stone you've decided upon.  Note: there's no law that says you have to use diamond; just a lot of tradition.

Many other choices for a stone exist, and if you wish, I will help you find colored gems that are suitabIe for an engagement ring.  After all, remember that Prince Charles gave Lady Di an engagement ring with a beautiful sapphire.  See it here and get more information about choosing a stone.

If you do want a diamond, here are some facts to consider.  

Payment Schedule          

Once we’ve narrowed down the options, I’ll provide you with some pencil sketches to consider.  If you want to suggest changes, I’ll try to incorporate them or if they are not suitable, I’ll suggest other approaches.  There is no charge up to this point.

After you’ve approved the sketch, a non-refundable down payment of 25 percent of the final price, as agreed upon previously, is required to proceed.

Another opportunity to make changes is when the ring is complete except for setting the stone. While the stone is not set, minor changes can be made and normally there is no additional charge for these changes. If the changes are substantial, there may have to be some negotiation about additional charges.

Final payment is made upon delivery of the ring.  Any changes after the ring is delivered will be subject to additional charges unless the ring proves to be defective.  I guarantee workmanship for the first year of use, which means if anything goes wrong in that time, I'll fix it free.

Layaways can be negotiated, but Ricco Art Jewelry retains possession of the ring until final payment is made.

To get started on designing your engagement ring, just send an e-mail to Ellen and we'll be in touch.

 Each piece comes with premium packaging and a certificate of authenticity.

Read this post to get information about my style.  

Over the years I have developed a personal style for jewelry design which is distinctive.

See some examples of custom pieces I have made.

See a sampling of ready-made rings here, but this is only to give you some idea of what is possible.

 It would be my pleasure to collaborate with you on your rings.