LGBT Wedding Rings and Commitment Rings

Custom-made Rings
for the LGBT Community

Ricco Art Jewelry offers custom-made  commitment and wedding rings for the LGBT community.  Special attention is given to the symbolism involved in LGBT relationships. I am here to collaborate with you on your designs.  

Contact me to get started with your rings: ricco AT riccoartjewelry DOT com  

Here are some ring designs I have made for others: 

Chad and Joe's Rings in 18K Palladium
White Gold and Black Diamonds
14K Rose Gold Bands
10mm wide x 1.75 thick
A substantial ring with hammered texture
is a classic.
Inner ring of silver and outer ring of mixed
metals: gold on top of copper.  No two rings
come out the same way, but they are similar.
Many different combinations of metals may be used.
Copper and gold on top of silver. 
In this example, the metals are soldered on
top of the silver band, whereas in the set above,
the ring was made in two pieces,
then assembled..
These are made in two parts:  the inner rings
are 18K Rose Gold, while the outer rings are 
mix of copper, silver, and yellow gold.  Very
earthy and wonderfully dynamic as the rings
age in time.  Again, each is unique.