Alloy Earrings with Sapphires

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Alloy Earrings with Sapphires

One-of-a-kind, original design, hand-fabricated by Ricco

Earrings made of a proprietary alloy, made in-house, of copper and germanium metals with flush set high quality, genuine faceted sapphires. 

The tops are 24K gold vermeil (24K plated on top of sterling silver) and are an extremely secure type known as Euro Click-in.

With an elegant form raised up from flat metal by using sculptural methods called “raising’, the earrings have a feminine shape and grace. Though dimenisional, the earrings are not heavy and they have nice movement when worn.

Argentium is made of silver with germanium in order to inhibit the tarnish. A similar effect is expected to result with this alloy of copper and germanium. Aside from that expected benefit, the color of this alloy is a rich rosy hue, not unlike some pink gold colors.

Total drop from lobe is 1 1/2 inches.  

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