Alloy Earrings with Sapphires in Squares

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Alloy Earrings with Sapphires

One-of-a-kind, original design, hand-fabricated by Ricco

Earrings made of a proprietary alloy, made in-house, of copper and germanium metals.The tops are 24K gold vermeil (24K plated on top of sterling silver) and are an extremely secure type known as Euro Click-in.

Square drops are 1/2 inch with quality genuine faceted sapphires set in gold bezels on top of the alloy metal.

Argentium is made of silver with germanium in order to inhibit the tarnish. A similar effect is expected to result with this alloy of copper and germanium. Aside from that expected benefit, the color of this alloy is a rich rosy hue, not unlike some pink gold colors.

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