Blue Zircon Geometric Drop Earrings

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Blue Zircon Geometric Drop Earrings

Zircon is an underrated stone with interesting  properties, such as its refractive index and dispersion that rivals diamond's.  (Zircon has nothing in common with zirconium, a common man-made diamond simulant.)  Found in a variety of colors, with blue being the most sought after.

These drop earrings are an original design, fabricated by Ricco personally.

Minimalist design is clean and uncluttered, putting focus on the shape and quality of the stones.

Kidney wires are hand-fabricated in house by Ricco. This is a very secure and easy-to-wear type of finding, made with care.

Thick settings are approximately 1/4 inch square.

The extra weight of the thick settings gives these earrings a special movement on the ear which adds to their charm.

Priced in 14K white gold with blue zircons, as shown.

Order this design in any color or karat gold and your choice of other gemstones priced upon request. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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