Engagement Ring Hexagonal Bezel Mount Diamond

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A one quarter carat round diamond mounted in a purpose made hexagonal bezel makes this ring unique and special.  

Typically, diamonds are set in prong mounts.  Here the bezel gives the stone extra security as well as a design flair that sets this ring apart.  Looking closely at the setting you will see that there is a mix of old-school and cutting edge original techniques employed.  Technically, it's a modified bright cut setting, with engraved details.

Square wire shank is 1.3 mm thick, giving the ring excellent rigidity without being overly heavy.  A twist pattern is engraved into the square wire, providing additional visual interest.

Suitable as a stand alone engagement ring or as a stackable.

Price shown below is the ring in 18K yellow gold with 0.25 carat diamond.  Other metal choices and diamond sizes by request.

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 Stock Number RST-005