Fish Pendant Aquamarine Scales

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Fish Pendant Aquamarine Scales

Fish continue to be an obsession with me, and this design is one of a series. Designs PND 10318, PND 319 and PND 10320 are in the group.  They got me going on the fish motif, and this is another in the series.

This guy is a more abstract than the others, (it has lost its tail) but the body shape still conveys "fish."  The aquamarine gemstones, besides connecting the idea of sea water, are there to suggest glittering scales.  The eye is a trick that I took from Leonardo da Vinci.  Check out his sculptures to see how he makes his eyes.

Original one-of-a-kind design made by me personally from scratch.  

Signed, with maker's mark.

Sapphire, sterling silver, 3 inches long.

Price in 14K gold $1895.  In 18K, $2095

Comes in quality presentation box with  Certificate of Authenticity.

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