Fish Pendant Sapphire Eye

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Fish Pendant Sapphire Eye

Fish continue to be an obsession with me, and this design is one of a series. Designs PND 10318 and PND 10320 came from a dream, or "nightwork" as I call it.  They got me going on the fish motif, and this is one of the resulting forms.

This guy is a little like a fat tuna fish.  I'm not trying to be accurate in copying from nature but rather suggesting an idea of fish in general.

Original one-of-a-kind design made by me personally from scratch.  

Signed, with maker's mark.

Sapphire, sterling silver, 3 inches long.

Price in 14K gold $1795.  In 18K, $1995

Comes in quality presentation box with  Certificate of Authenticity.

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