Forged Cuff Bracelet Silver or Gold 4

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Forged Cuff Bracelet Silver or Gold 4

Anticlastic Raised Cuff Bracelet
Available in Silver or Gold

Starting with a flat piece of metal, the form is raised up (or shaped) by hammering into a depression while making the metal take a circular shape. Thus metal is made to take on opposing directions of curvature resulting in what is known as an anticlastic curve which has a mathematical elegance and excellent resistance to deformation while being springy at the same time.

Another benefit of the form is the inside curve makes it comfortable to wear--no digging in at the edges.

Bracelet is 7mm wide x 2mm high and can be made for any size wrist, by order.


Available in any metal, gold or silver, by commission. For example, this bracelet in 14K gold is priced $1685.

Bracelet can be made in any size. Shown is medium to large.

Allow four to six weeks on custom orders.

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