Stack Rings

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Stack Ring Set

Three lovely original Ricco design stack rings are shown in the image. On the pinky finger is serial 10563 while the others are 10506 and 10511.  You can find details for each ring by entering the serial numbers in the search box on this site.

10563 is priced at $1263.00, 10506 with the bright ruby and diamonds is $1045.00, and 10511 with the square blue diamond is $949.00.  The total for all three is $3,257.00 but if purchased together, the price reduces to $2995.00.  Or the blue diamond and ruby rings together are priced $1994.00 total, but if purchased together the price is $1794.00 (the price shown is for this set only.)

Order these rings in your size and metal color preference (14K yellow, white or rose).  Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Other gemstone choices are also possible, price on request.

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Item RAJ-10579